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[albums]Khalil Fong(方大同) – 15 / Danson Tang(唐禹哲)-Greatest Hits

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May. 1st, 2011 | 01:05 am
posted by: midnitexsonata in jkc_downloads

[ALBUM]Khalil Fong(方大同)–15
Release Date:April 21st, 2011
Label: Warner Music
Genre: CPop
Language: Mandarin Chinese
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Khalil Fong is back with his first studio album since Orange Moon in 2008. Known simply as 15, the album title is a reference to the age he began learning to play the guitar under the influence of the likes of Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and B. B. King. The acclaimed singer-songwriter's 5th original album comes after a period of inactivity resulting from a case of pneumothorax he suffered, during which he was banned from working and thus had the time to hone his guitar skills. The guitar-driven new album serves up 11 tracks of soul/R&B/retro rock numbers, including the first plug "Because of You", the LaLa Hsu-duet "Self-Assumption", and the heartwarming, wedding-themed love song "Not So Easy" which boasts the backing of a 60-piece orchestra.

01. Gotta Make A Change
02. Epiphyllum (曇花)
03. Zhang Yong Cheng (Feat. Ghost Style) (張永成 (Feat. Ghost Style))
04. Because of You (因為你)
05. Strategy of Victory Love (情勝策略)
06. Wu Gu Friends (無菇朋友)
07. Self-Assumption (Feat. Lala Hsu) (自以為 (Feat. 徐佳瑩))
08. Two People’s Tour (二人游)
09. Over
10. Take Me
11. Not So Easy and Hide Track : Over Reprise (好不容易 + Hide Track : Over Reprise)

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[ALBUM]Danson Tang(唐禹哲-Greatest Hits
Release Date: May 5th, 2011
Genre: Cpop
Mandarin Chinese

Danson Tang has released three albums since his pop debut in 2007, and now the popular Taiwan actor/singer has got enough material to make a music career retrospective. His first Greatest Hits album contains 12 main plugs from his albums so far, namely Love Me (2007), D's New Attraction (2009), and The First Second (2010). It also offers three brand-new songs, including the titular main plug "A Journey Into Tomorrow".

08.Kiss Me Now
09.I’m Back (Rap feat. f(x) Amber)
14.Be with You
16.The Best Of DT(多合一组曲) : 开往明天的旅行/爱我/新歌/I'm Back

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